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#this is the face of a man who spent 300 years in hell fulfilling by hate and revenge #realizing that he matters to someone #and this someone happens to be his love #the woman he traded his ship for #he’s fucking realizing that someone - EMMA SWAN - cares about him #about his safety #about his life #this is Killian Jones realizing that he matters to Emma Swan #let me die in peace pls


Look at them, trusting and loving these two people we used to call “villains”…

Look at them trusting their true loves <3

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“The moments after Hook promises Emma that he’s good at surviving were my favorites in the whole episode. When the camera paned back to Emma, Morrison had a look on her face that was so beautiful I could spend another thousand words talking about it. It was hope—pure and simple. There was the slightest hint of a smile on her lips and determination in her eyes, and you could see the exact moment she chooses to stop believing that she’s fated to lose everyone and chooses to start believing she can have the love and happiness she’s always wanted. Hope is such a powerful emotion on Once Upon a Time, and it was at the center of this powerful scene. .” — The Nerd Girl Notes

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I love you. Do you hear? I’m telling you all of a sudden, but it isn’t new with me. I love you.

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OUAT characters and their original fairy tales

If this doesn’t scream character development to you then.. well… you’re very wrong.



"Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it."

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featuring a beautiful babe hoopin’ on top of filthy-hippie-vibes's bus

Hey thas my bus!